Saturday, March 12, 2011

Circlelord Diamond Zig Zag

The Diamond Zig Zag Giant template is the same as the regular Zig Zag except that the pattern is compressed to make diamond shapes.

You can use the Zig Zag Visulizer, and Zig Zag instructions and pattern codes to work with this template. Just imagine the pattern squeezed in to make diamonds.

Here is a sample quilt done by Carmen using this template.

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The height of a diamond is 3 inches and 2.33 inches wide.
When you do 4 passes of the Zig Zag, you get 3 rows of diamonds that are .575 inches wide and 1" high. You can see this below.

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Each template section is 37 inches by 15". A set of 6 rows of Zig Zags, or Waves is 12 inch high.
This template can be used by both Longarm and Midarm machines.

2 Sections 74" --------
3 Sections 110"------- -
3 + 1/2 Sections 128" -


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